At FamilyStyle we do things a little different.
‚ÄčHere are a few reasons why:

1) From the outset, we wanted to create a company that was designed to give back to our local community. We decided to donate five percent of our profits to "Start:Me". "Start:ME" is a part of Emory University that provides "a free intensive 14-session business training program for promising small businesses that provides entrepreneurs the tools and connections necessary to build and grow successful businesses".

 If you know of any other charities that promote entrepreneurship and business development in and around Atlanta let us know by using our contact page. 

2) In order to further strengthen our support of our local community, we have decided only to hire employees that live in the proximity of where we are running our business here in Atlanta (Doraville). A lot of the work we do could easily be outsourced to "Virtual Assistants" in foreign countries for a fraction of the cost of employing local persons, but if this business can't support that wage gap, then it probably isn't a worthwhile endeavor.

3) As of the end of August 2019, we have decided that our business model will not rely on annoying, repeat phone calls. One of our biggest expenses is marketing and it would be much cheaper for us to call people instead of mailing, but we personally do not like getting unsolicited phone calls ourselves. So why would we have a business model that relies on it? This is a valid way of contacting people in this line of work, but one that we don't choose to partake in.