FamilyStyle was founded in 2019 by myself, Luke Meeker, and my spouse Kristina Wiltsee. We focus on creating the best possible solution for each individual home owner when they are ready to sell their house. We want to keep this business running for years to come and that is why our focus is on the principles of trust, communication, and integrity. Kristina and I were raised in families that modeled these principles and we felt that our business could model them too.  That led us to name our company FamilyStyle. By naming our business FamilyStyle we are constantly reminded that our business is about treating others the way our families would like to be treated. Our goal is to ensure that we uphold these principles by being honest, fully communicating with you, and never compromising our integrity.

Before FamilyStyle, our love for houses stemmed from the various living and building experiences that we had over the years. I spent several years training with a carpenter in high school, which culminated in rehabbing my parents entire home in my late teens. Kristina gained hands on experience building during her year-end festivals while she was at university. 

In 2011 we traveled the United States looking for the right place to build our first home and start a homestead. We settled in Indiana and lived in a "Yome" for six months during our first winter and spring (to envision a Yome, just think of what the offspring of a yurt and a dome would look like). As summer heated up, it became too hot to cook in the Yome, which had a dirt floor, no running water, one outlet, and a woodstove for cooking. So the only logical thing to do, of course, was build a house! The only problem was we were living in the forest. Problems can always be solved, and since Kris and I never shy away from them, our path was "clear"; step one: find a spot with minimal trees to clear in order to start breaking ground for the foundation. Five months later, we were living in the second story of the 1200 square foot, unfinished house we had built, just in time for Christmas. 

After building the house and growing our family to four, we decided to move back to Atlanta, Kristina's hometown, to be closer to family. Our interest in homes combined with our love of solving problems led us to start FamilyStyle. The company was created to provide a service for persons looking for options to sell their house easily. We will help you discover what options are available for you and your family if you are looking to sell a house. If a fast, hassle-free, no real estate commission, AS-IS, cash offer solution is what you need, then please feel free to contact us or request us to contact you. If you aren't sure what you want to do with your house, contact us anyway; we are here to help you determine solutions. Thanks!